Backyard Rink

    Well.. It is now or never (for this season), if I am putting up the rink today and tomorrow are the days to set the boards up. Let’s go!

    Weather is not looking good for someone who didn’t get his hockey boards setup.. I am going to still tell myself there will be warm days ahead in December. 🀨

    Also, this next weeks weather will be a good test on the shed office insulation.

    On one of her last days out of school due to COVID she decided to use that time to tear it up on the rink πŸ’

    Operation β€œfix the ice” is in full effect today for skating later πŸ’

    This sweet girl just lights up on ice πŸ’. We have so many pictures where she is smiling behind her helmet as she plays 😍

    The BEST skating partner! πŸ’πŸΆ

    My most of the time team of one Maintenance crew finished shoveling the ice for tonight so it would be ready for another day of hockey and skating πŸ’

    Below 0Β°F today and it didn’t stop these kids from getting out on the ice to play a little hockey πŸ’πŸ₯Ά

    Even after a busy day of presents, food, and inside fun the kids wanted to get outside to do some night skating now that everything is solid again πŸ’

    Rink is open, and the fire is going… πŸ’

    Finally finished up flooding for my 8th year of doing this at 4am for a total time of 18 hrs. That equated to about 1484 Gallons (5618 L). Now we wait for it to freeze but this morning as you can see there is already a thin sheet of ice on it.

    13 hours in and the rink is full. Now I need to fill the whole thing up a couple more inches to be skateable. πŸ’

    9 hours in to flooding and it still hasn’t covered the high side of the rink πŸ˜†. Also, the temperature keeps dropping and we are at 18Β°F now πŸ‘

    Finally, the day and time have come to flood the rink πŸ‘ πŸ’ With 3 hrs in so far and this is all the water I have but only 1 hr of it has been 2 hoses. The wind has not been super helpful today as I have had to walk around it quite frequently so far.

    What? You don’t use a snow blower to clear your backyard πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

    cooler weather is coming again and I need to prep the rink area 😁

    Had a great morning at the US Pond Hockey Championships. The kids enjoyed skating around as well.

    These four wasted no time this morning getting outside to skate in the New Year!

    After all the hockey played on the rink this afternoon it is time for the “Zamboni” to get to work… OK it is done now πŸ˜πŸ’

    From the Lens - Backyard Rink Glow

    In the peaceful night the glow of the lights on the hockey rink is very calming (Dec 2019, Eden Prairie, MN)

    Tuesday Photo Challenge - Glow

    The season is upon us… πŸ’

    This year I upped our rink game by making the rink 70' x 32' compared to the last 6 years of 46' x 32' 😁. The kids are going to love it. Now let’s get colder MN so we can skate soon πŸ§Šβ›„πŸ’ (sorry MN friends but the kids want to skate)

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