The whole team is meeting up this week from all over the globe so we went on a schooner boat ride in the Portland harbor after our day of meetings today. It was great to do something different and see the shoreline from a different angle and at sunset.

Another early run morning along the harbor. When you have a full day of meetings starting at 8 this is about the best time to get out. Honestly, it is a nice backdrop.

Early morning run on the waterfront. Struggling after sleeping in a what I found out was a warm hotel room and the run the day before but… at least I got out there to see the sunrise.

Bug light and a big boat from the other side of the Harbor. Felt good and found a some turns and trails I didn’t my last run over the bridge and across the harbor.

Random footbridge that looped around a grocery store πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

This run felt harder than I think it should have been. However, finding this dry creek bed got me thinking what it will look like in the Spring or Later fall if we ever get more rain.

New Shoe Day! πŸ‘Ÿ It was a good day to clear my head with work. However, in hindsight it was much warmer and hotter than I had anticipated when I started this run .

Might have gotten darker faster than I thought while running tonight on some of the trails. If you put the pace aside I felt like I was working much harder than I should have been, maybe it was food, time of day or the flu shot I got either way it was far enough to call it a night.

Out and around Rice Marsh Lake run on this really nice weather day. Saw a lot of people out there for a Monday morning at 9am but who am I to judge as I was one of those people out there too.

Almost 100% trail run along the Minnesota River bottoms today. Let’s just say that was fun exploring! My friend thought I got us lost at one point because we drifted far from the water but the trail reconnected so all was well.

Minnesota River

Bridge out time to find another way across

Machines at work at the CD Terminal

Might have been that wrong turn I was talking about as I don’t see the river

Rope swing into the river… Now this looks super fun but tired legs at this point

Photo from the bridge across the Minnesota River, next time going to have to continue that way

I think lack of sleep and the heat of the sun today made this run feel much worse than it should have been. Temp looked ok but don’t get me wrong it was warm out with the sun beating down on me.

I took a friend advice tonight and I think I understood what he was saying… He said I should go for a walk in the woods (NOT A RUN). I took that to mean I SHOULD go run in the dark along some water. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

It was a nice night.. Thanks. πŸ˜„

Meandering Monday lead me to this almost primitive looking Private Property sign of what I thought was a trail to run on. I let it deter me today, but maybe not on another day.

Hindsight, probably shouldn’t have run but I told myself I wanted more overall miles than the week before and I need this to do it. At least picking a trail route made it enjoyable.

Looking forward to seeing Seinfeld again, should be a great time…

I would be lying if I said this run felt great the whole time. First 2 miles we felt like we were pulling plows. After that we found a comfortable pace and I convinced my friend to take a detour on trails which added some miles and we came across a coyote who could have cared less about us. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

This is a great little write up / story about a Footbridge that connectss Bloomington to Richfield. In fact, I could see my self trying to dig into the history of such a thing as I stubble across random things on my runs and then go looking at old maps to see what the trail used to be or why it was there.

It was still too nice outside today to not get out there for a short recovery run . The legs felt it from the late night run last night but as much as I kept trying to slow down I am just not good at recovery miles… πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Look close I found a geocache… because I had to look.

πŸŒ™ Night run… Missed the near mountain blvd and ended up adding another mile to the loosely planned route. I am not complaining in this weather though. It was 61Β°F tonight, I went faster and longer today than yesterday and feel pretty good at the end.

Took a half day since it was the kids first day of school today so I started this run later than I would have wanted due to the heat outside. At least I had a couple mile section in the woods to take my mind off the sun and heat.

Another summer is gone and it was time for the kids to head back to school today… 🚌