This is why I can’t buy nice sunglasses…. I toss them in the car and then I sit on them…. and repeat 🤦‍♂️

Last time for my daughter to do piano for a while so I filled the time running and filling in my street map. Still cold 🥶

Bare branches frame a sunlit, partially frozen lake surrounded by dried reeds under a clear blue sky.

What the weather happened here! This was snowy, windy, and cold on this run. Strange how a little more than 24 hrs goes by and my whole outlook changed.

A winding pathway dusted with snow meanders through bare trees; the atmosphere is dusk-tinted and serene.

Start of the week so I wanted to make sure to get some miles in. However, I quickly realized that my body was not ready for 58°F with lots of sun to run in again. This felt much worse than it should have.

Well 45 min of work and we will call this Backyard Ice Rink season a wrap… or bust! 🥺 Till next year I guess… 👋 🧊🏒

Well didn’t see this one coming after yesterday but here I find myself at a swim meet all morning today. Thankfully I have a great spot and view of the event since my daughter will be in lane right in front of me for 2/3 events.

The plan was for a mile less running today but seeing how we made a couple wrong turns it helped force our decision to continue to the half distance. Is still strange to think I haven’t run this far for almost a year and a half now.

A snow-covered path winds through a leafless forest under a clear blue sky.

🔗 Genius vs. Expertise - by John Warner

Playing drums on pillows or even simulate drum rhythms and fills by clicking his teeth together is not being gifted with genius in the way we popularly think of genius unless deep down genius is simply passion manifested through practice, obsession married with expertise.

Such an interesting article to read on this topic and does make you think what is Genius.

I decided to flex my lunch today and get this run in since it is short weather! Day started crazy at work with lots of little things to tackle so I ended up working in the dining room as I didn’t have a break long enough to make it to my “office”. I guess I had that lunch break but priorities. 😁

A frozen river edged by dry reeds and leafless trees, under a clear blue sky, with houses visible in the distance.

I have no good reason at all but found myself installing Drafts again. I don’t think it is going to stick but figured I would check it out and what better way to figure out how to do things than to post to

It is that time of year I guess… This is the first year of Girl Scouts for this girl to experience cookie selling so we were out pounding the pavement before swimming.

A young girl walks on a street, pulling a box on wheels, in a snowy suburban setting.

I told myself I wasn’t going to run today but it was so nice out that I had to. I somewhat regretted it as I my legs were feeling but I got some miles in so I guess all is well.

Leafless trees stand under a bright sun in a snowy landscape, hinting at early spring.

Kind of a day off but before I actually started working I decided to put some miles in to start the week. Was glad it was another nice sunny day. All felt good on this run till around mile 5 my legs felt heavy but still glad to get it done.

Bare trees beside a frozen river with snow cover, under a partly cloudy sky.

So much nicer out today than yesterday. I think I still am not good at “recovery” miles or a recovery run.

A frozen pond with snow cover sits amidst leafless trees under a clear blue sky, with houses in the background.

Decided that this seemed like a good way to end my mall experience with my daughter and her friend tonight

A hand holds a pink box with the logo “crumbl cookies” featuring a stylized cookie illustration, against a blurred street background

With packed and uneven snow on the trail added for a more interesting run than planned. We had figured it might have been plowed and then with the crushed rock it would have been perfect. Not the case and our legs took a beating.

A snow-covered path stretches between bare trees under a clear blue sky, with a sun peeking through branches and power lines overhead.

No, no, I don’t have a problem… 🫣👟🏃‍♂️

Had to get out and actually run through the snow today! 🌨️ I had no real plan just wanted to creat my own tracks but wish I could have done it when the sun was rising vs still dark.

Snow dog… 🐶 🌨️

A black dog with snow on its face and body is standing against a white background.

Missed this yesterday but I am really interested to dig into Notes for! Congratulations and thanks to @manton and the team this will be a great addition to something I use so often.