Found some time today to get a run in. I was super thankful for the overcast sky to at least not have the sun with the heat and humidity. I might have to do a morning run tomorrow.

A pathway stretches into the distance bordered by lush greenery on the left and a black metal fence on the right with overhead power lines running parallel to the path.

Woke up really early to get the swimmer off to swim in the first car. Then I sat in the camper debating if this run was going to happen. I probably missed a cooler time to complete it but I did end up adding a little bit to check out this old “camp” nearby.

A small stone cabin with wooden doors stands amidst a dense forest surrounded by lush green foliage and a dirt path leading to it.

Spending some time out on the lake today in this sweltering heat. 🥵

Three people on a lake sitting on paddleboards smiling with forested shoreline visible in the background under a cloudy sky. The text on the paddleboard reads “Founder”.

Went back and forth in my mind this morning on whether or not this run was going to happen. Mostly with being more busy the next two days I felt I should get this done and due to again the heat. I didn’t wanna wait until this afternoon or evening.

A dirt path stretches forward with overhanging green trees and dense foliage on both sides suggesting a serene wooded area.

Another humid day even during an early morning run.  It seemed more like putting in the miles today but overall after a couple miles I just found a groove and stuck with it.

A paved road curves gently between two stone walls with green grass bordered by tall trees and flanked on the left side by a white house nestled among trees.

Going to be a long day of work and then “working” at the swim meet tonight so I had to get this done early. It was humid out there but at least the sun wasn’t shining yet today so that helped keep it a little cooler on my run.

A tree stands prominently in a lush, wetland area with tall grasses and scattered bushes, under a partly cloudy sky at dawn.

I regretted my decision to run after I looped Round Lake. I then ran across this deer that I see had the right idea of sitting in the shade relaxing. In fact it was so relaxed that it didn’t move much as I ran by about 10 ft away.

Deer resting on a bed of dried grass in a grassy field bordered by dense, green trees.

First time Playing Kubb and for sure won’t be my last.

If someone suggests running I always jump on board as it is nice to have company on a run. I wasn’t planning on running today but sometimes a little motivation or push helps which also probably lead to a faster pace than I would have done too.

Calm water body resting under a partly cloudy sky with a forested hill on the distant horizon and scattered trees lining the shore.

Was just going to go for a shorter run today but after getting out there the kinks went away so I kept going not knowing if I would run this weekend.

A dirt path stretches forward through a forest filled with lush green trees and dense foliage under bright daylight.

Tonight’s creations… ✅ Homemade simple syrup ✅ Red Sangria (though I haven’t drank for 150 days now so let’s hope this will taste good for whomever tries it tomorrow 😂)

A glass pitcher containing chopped fruits and liquid sits on a marbled countertop next to a clear glass bottle filled with a pale yellow liquid in a kitchen setting.

Thankful for the odd starting point of this run as I found a fun new trail to run. I have mapped all of the “public” trail but looking back I think there is another connection I could have made.

Wooden footbridge extends over lush greenery leading to a forested trail rich with dense trees and vibrant undergrowth.

Dense green grasses and foliage standing still amid a meadow bordered by a forest under a cloudy sky. Trees frame the scene while the horizon shows a distant line of trees.

A sign stating Leaving City Park Land stands beside a narrow dirt trail, which winds through a densely wooded area with trees and green undergrowth.

The plan was to just circle the lake but I was feeling good so I found a place to add some miles. It might have been windy out but I will still take this cooler weather running any day of the week.

Sunlit waves sparkle on a wide body of water with distant tree-covered land on the horizon under a partly cloudy blue sky.

Decided to get a run in before the day got too far along by doing a tour around Waseca. Really couldn’t beat the weather and I was feeling good.

Calm water reflecting clear blue sky with a distant tree-lined shore across the horizon

✅ Unplanned Camper Landscaping

Overall this worked out pretty well. Two bags of mulch, 6 small bags or rock and these little tile brick looking things. I kind of wish in hindsight I had a before picture now.

Plastic folding table with items on top including a canister placed alongside garden mulch bag beneath in an outdoor setting next to a patio deck and large tree.

RV with an open side panel reveals a kitchen. A wooden deck fitted to the RV is surrounded by gravel and black tiles. Trees provide shade in the surrounding campground.

I guess the sign was actually correct today by saying the Trail was underwater. By the time I ran across the sign and then into this bypass I was of at a path of no return in having to backtrack quite a bit. Normally I would power though and just get my feet soaked but i decided against it today.

A narrow water stream reflects the blue sky while surrounded by tall green grass and dense trees with a person’s shadow visible on the right side.

Dense green vegetation covers the field while tall trees stand against the clear blue sky in a serene landscape with a few scattered clouds.

Probably not the smartest of decisions running on some of the trails and maybe in general with my bum eye. Not to mention it was hot but it did feel good to get moving again.

Clouds gather above a tranquil lake reflecting the sky with trees and dense greenery surrounding it, creating a serene outdoor natural setting.

After a super late night chatting with some old high school friends I decided to get a short runin. I was shocked at how hot and humid it was already I enjoyed my stroll around a small part of Ames.

Wooden walkway with railings extending towards a grassy field flanked by trees under a partly cloudy sky in a park setting

Now this is not the bonfire I thought it was was going to see tonight that is part of our HS Reunion gathering but I guess we are in the country of small town Iowa. 🤷‍♂️

A blazing bonfire illuminates an open grassy field during twilight two people stand near the fire one watching and the other taking a photo with trees and a blue sky in the background

Explored some new areas on my run today. After the warmer humid weather lately it was nice to have a cooler overcast morning today.

Dirt path extends forward lined on both sides by dense green foliage with tall trees arching overhead in a forest setting.