Project Shed

    With it being 85°F outside today I was pleasantly surprised that the shed “office” stayed hovering around 70°F. I know the summer is just upon us but it has given me some hope that I might not have to upgrade my small AC unit yet and the insulation from last fall can get me through this summer. 🤞

    Shed Office faired out well with temps last night around 20°F. I turned the heaters on full at 6:30 am and by the time I made it out by 7:45 it was comfortable. The only misleading part of the Shed temperature below is that the thermometer is near the floor.

    Does anyone use anything or recommend a product to monitor electricity usage? I am not opposed to hooking it up to a breaker panel to get a bigger picture but also wouldn’t be opposed if it is just a outlet specific.

    Weather is not looking good for someone who didn’t get his hockey boards setup.. I am going to still tell myself there will be warm days ahead in December. 🤨

    Also, this next weeks weather will be a good test on the shed office insulation.

    ✅ Another task completed for Project Shed! It is now insulated and ready for the Minnesota winters.

    Still a little messy but this will do for now.

    Another step in the right direction with Project Shed. After the successful test the past week I figured out with my new router and satellites to back haul a satellite from the shed to the house. Now we are all on one network again.

    Another task partially completed in the long Project Shed list. Finally connected the hard wire to the house. Currently using an old router for the shed till I test out if the new mesh satellite will work. Next I should do something with the wires acrosss the shed floor 😆

    In the “office” today 😁. Much warmer than the other day though as I have two heaters and ran it for 20 min before coming outside. Outside temp is 27°F and inside the shed is 48°F. Better but really need some insulation I believe.

    Not what I was hoping to do for 4 hrs this afternoon but I got the mound of dirt (clay) flattened and smoothed out as well as I could.

    Phase 1 of Project shed is complete ✅ Trench dug ✅ Electric dropped and connected ✅ Internet Cable dropped ✅ Trench filled

    Unannounced Electricians… I am OK with it

    Project “Shed” is quickly taking shape with the electricians stopping by unannounced and ready to string it all up 😁

    This also required me to make quick work during a break in my day to cut out some sections of my garage drywall. This also, brings up a good question on why those three sections are the only ones with insulation 🤨… The interesting things you find in old houses.

    Weekend shed trenching project was a success but I underestimated the amount the workers left for me today 🤦‍♂️

    Just like that operation “shed” project is full steam ahead as the electricians are at work. Now that means I have work to do this weekend 😬.