Overcast day but the weather was good so I will take it. I didn’t really have a plan when I started but I have been trying to seek out hills more on my runs to build up some strength in that area. Made a couple loops up and down one during the middle of the run and didn’t feel all that bad at all.

    Bare trees and fallen branches dominate a dry grassland under a cloudy sky with a patch of blue peeking through.

    The seemingly permanent sign wasn’t wrong today the Trail was Underwater. Thankfully I was able to hop through it without soaking my feet for the remainder of my run.

    A dirt path cuts through wetland with tall, dry reeds on either side, under an overcast sky.

    Even though this run was longer than last week this felt so much better. I think the weather had a lot to deal with it but also being slightly more prepared. We traversed in a bunch of areas I had not gone yet and thankful I had a backup watch to my Ultra that could guide me πŸ™ƒ.

    A placid lake under an overcast sky, bordered by distant trees, conveys a serene, expansive outdoor scene.

    For You by Patrick Rhone

    Such a great book and as the title suggests it really is For You, now granted Patrick wrote it for a very specific You in mind but the words and wisdom in this book can be shared and internally reflected on by anyone.

    A book titled “For You” by Patrick Rhone lies shut on a scratched surface, captured in black and white.

    This is probably a book I should have read before now and then revisited every year as it is just a quick read. I can see this book being my reminder of the magic in our everyday connections and honestly how to think about and tackle things you might run across.

    There is honestly so many bite sized quotes and phrases I could pull from this book but one I jotted down as it resonated with me in in the You Are A Result section:

    You make choices and actions in this moment, right now, that will change you For better or the worse. It’s your choice.

    Just a perfect small reminder that depending where you are at in your life or thougths it grabs your attention and really makes you think. Maybe today is the day I should do something different because whatever happens in the future most likely could have an impact from today.

    If you are wondering where to pick up this amazing book it is available now so go snag a copy if you think this might be something that could be helpful as well. I am most likely going to get one as a gift for each of my kids for them to have and a a proper time. In addition, I am thinking I might pick up an extra one or two that I might drop off at a little library during my travels this year.

    Backyard neighborhood trails in my backyard neighborhood… Would have been a good running choice until I forgot about all the rain we got earlier this week so I got to do some mudding on a couple trails. Shoes might need some hard pavement after the mid drys now.

    Bare trees lean over a muddy path in a leaf-strewn, wooded area, suggesting a natural, possibly autumn or winter, setting with no visible human presence.

    Glad to have found some time to get out there for a run on this sunny but cool day. Felt pretty good so just rambled around the neighborhood with no direction or goals.

    A dirt path winds through a forest with leafless trees under a clear blue sky.

    Utilized my time running tonight while waiting for my son to finish basketball practice. Thankfully, I found a break in the rain that lasted all day to actually get this done, but I had to follow the street lights as it got dark because I forgot my running lights. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

    Dark clouds loom over a tranquil water body at dusk, reflecting the waning light, amidst a landscape of contrastingly tranquil fields and trees.

    Wasn’t sure how this run was going to go after the weekend but I felt really good. I need to do better at pivoting my route so when I want to do a little speed I don’t have the climbs. Sad to see all these areas get chopped out but I guess the invasive species need to get removed sometime.

    Leafless trees stand in a dry forest with a carpet of fallen leaves, under a cloudy sky.

    Sometimes you make mistakes in planning but you push through the training run. Even though I knew it was going to be warm I misjudged the amount of water I should have taken after last weeks cooler run when I used none of it and with about 4 miles left I was making 1/4 of one of these last 🫣.

    A hand holding an empty, translucent plastic bottle over a paved surface. The wrist is adorned with an orange watch strap.

    A barren hilly landscape with leafless trees leading down to the river bottoms under a partly cloudy sky.

    Found some time tonight before I had to pick the youngest up from dance to squeeze this run in. The rain stopped right before I started which gave the air that after rain smell and kept it cool out. Saw a rainbow but since I was mostly on trails there was too much tree cover to make it worth while.

    A plastic box boardwalk meanders through dry grassland with leafless trees under a partly cloudy sky.

    A tail of running on tired legs and misjudged weather. I guess just one of those runs you try to get into a zone and try not to think about it. I will tell myself I heard that running on tired legs is good from time to time.

    A wooden footbridge extends over a grassy area, leading into a winter-bare woodland under an overcast sky.

    πŸ“· Photoblogging: Day 08 - This is probably good prevention for most but when out for a run I don’t let these little obstacles stop me.

    Traffic cones flank a corrugated pipe crossing a gravel trail in a wooded area, indicating ongoing maintenance or construction work.

    Well before we started this run we knew it was going to be a rainy one today… And it was for really all but a couple miles. 🌧️

    A wet wooden bridge extends into the distance on an overcast day, flanked by bare trees and power lines.

    Shaarli Shortcut

    I was sad to see the news inside of the Shaarli IOS app that the IOS app will cease to exist starting sometime in the summer of 2024. I am not sure if this will really happen or not but I decided to search around to find an alternative for me to quickly send a link to my Shaarli instance. I found one that Mike Rockwell at InitialCharge had put together at some point but stated he no longer used anymore. I obviously tried to run it and it kind of worked but added a lot of extra characters in the Title and Link that I felt could be cleaned up. So I used what he started as an example to what I needed to do and started from scratch.

    In the end, I put tougher a very basic example that works and I can see where I could make some improvements going forward but not sure I will do much at this time but more tried to prepare myself for the time that the IOS app might go away. The other nice thing is that this Shortcut I can use on my Mac too but obviously I can use the Bookmarklet as well so it is a little duplicative.

    If you are interested feel free to copy my Shaarli Link Share Shortcut.

    πŸ“· Photoblogging: Day 05 - I feel bad reposted a picture I already posted today but to me this is serene when running in the morning because at this time I normally see no one and if I pick the path right I can get away from streets and be alone with my thoughts.

    A golden sunrise illuminates a marsh of tall, dry reeds against a backdrop of trees and clear sky.

    Got this run in earlier today as the kids didn’t have school. So enjoyed this casual, slightly on the cool side with shorts run.

    A golden sunrise illuminates a marsh of tall, dry reeds against a backdrop of trees and clear sky.

    I had exactly 45 min to get this run in before the next meeting. Not bad overall as I gave myself a couple min to cool down as it was much warmer out than expecting and for me… I over dressed but glad to have the sun out and a little warmer weather.

    A leafless forest with a narrow trail amidst trees under a clear blue sky.

    Running street hunter edition… It got dark quick so I decided to use my time to pick off some streets I have not run and boy did I find elevation and some interesting places I need to circle back to at some point. Especially that trail that I didn’t dare go down at the late hour it was.

    Barren trees surround a still creek at twilight, creating a serene yet eerie atmosphere.

    A moss-covered path leads into a dark, dense forest at night, illuminated by a light source from the viewpoint.

    Even though it was overcast today the weather wasn’t bad out for my run. I like having slower Mondays at work from a meeting perspective as it lets me reset for the week ahead and go a little longer running to as I just put more work time in later in the evening.

    A narrow stream meanders through a dormant, grassy wetland, flanked by leafless trees under an overcast sky.

    Decided to do a short Easter run today in order to hit a smaller millage goal of the week. Also, felt like with the amount of snacking and food in my future today this will be a good start. Looking at this dock I feel like it is placed out further than before but I could be wrong. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

    A weathered wooden pier extends into a calm lake with dry, brown grass and patches of snow along the shore, under a cloudy sky.

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