Don’t be fooled, that boardwalk was a little slick so I took my time navigating them. Other than that the run wasn’t bad once I got moving, tried to follow a trail but it didn’t go anywhere. Make me wonder if it is about the right time to cut thought a Prairie in another park that has no trails. 😏

    This was a cold run until about the last 2 miles when I was warm enough to consider taking this photo. After being down and out for the past couple of days this was needed and felt good to get moving.

    Yes that is a thin sheet of ice on the water.

    Early morning Thanksgiving Day run along the High Trestle Trail. I was surprised to find it concrete vs just a crushed rock or asphalt. Also, I veered off the main trail as it got lighter out as I realized there was an intact section of another track that was fun to meander on.

    I needed these two little wins tonight running even though I know they won’t last 😏. However, it is crazy these two pictures were taken less than 20 min apart. Crazy how fast it gets dark on the trails 😳.

    Had to pickup the liner for the hockey rink today and it was by some trails I have run on once before. So I decided to use my time wisely and go exploring some more of the area. As you can see it was a nice stroll on some crushed rock paths and some narrow maybe paths winding around the terrain.

    It was a cold but peaceful morning out with frost covering the prairie grass. Didn’t see many people actually didn’t see anyone 😆. Might have still been a little sore from pounding all the stakes in last right but overall it wasn’t a bad run.

    Can’t believe how warm it got today and felt good to go for a run. I don’t think I have run on this little backyard trail all year so glad to get it in before the snow flys. This run wasn’t in the plan for today but it was good to take my mind off work and my son’s basketball for a while.

    This run wasn’t the plan for a lot of different reasons but glad to add some more miles today as I feel like the night might be long. It was a real nice day out and got up to 60°F but not when I was out.

    Had a dentist appointment this morning which was right next to these two lakes that has a nice trail around it so I took advantage. Probably should have tried to mix some more speed in this run but with the wind at my face this seemed like a good pace to just cruise and enjoy the beautiful day.

    Just some Monday morning miles in what seemed to be warmer weather than I thought. I decided to run on the boardwalks again as I am not sure how much time I will have left before the snow flys.

    Needed to get this one done early with kid activities today. Wasn’t sure how far I was going to run but happy with how it turned out and where I went. Last mile talked with my wife the whole time on the phone which was different but fun too.

    A little windy when I turned to start to head home in this run today. Actually felt better than I thought I would as I haven’t had a rest day yet but I think tomorrow will be.

    Wasn’t sure I was going to run today or not so I decided to meander around the neighborhood to get some miles in. However, in what seemed like an overcast could have been cool day was actually not a bad 45°F out.

    Tuesday Trails! Found some time today to explore a lot of the Purgatory Park trails in this nice weather. Based on my map it makes it look like I had no idea where I was running to and I guess that is kind of accurate but I was never lost. 😃

    Yep, it does get dark quick in the evening. I didn’t have my lights and was mostly in the dark during this run. However, I didn’t get hit by cars or trip on the sidewalks so I guess a win.

    It was a nice morning to get miles in running along the Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail. Found a nice overlook spot in Excelsior to turn around and got a little speed on the way back.

    After today this run was needed! The weather was great and I can’t complain about the sunset while meandering around. Glad to make a loop around the current Braemar trail as it looks what was a fun hiking trail might get overtaken for mountain bikers 😑.

    Squeezed in a quick run today before the Ice Draw tonight. Wasn’t too bad out and might have overdressed as the sun wasn’t really out and felt colder before I started.

    Wasn’t the plan but since there was snow out I felt obligated to get out and run today. ☃️ There was a little ice out there so had to take to the streets in places vs the sidewalks.

    I still like the idea of Apple’s Journal app but I have not really gotten suggestions 🤔. Maybe I am doing something wrong but what I thought I would see is not working as expected. I thought my run from this morning, places I have been or photos I have taken today would be suggestions.

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