Ok, so how long has it been since I posted my “first” blog post to start this?  Let’s not answer it as it is the post right before this and probably should be deleted anyways.

This week has been a very busy week both with my family, work wise and what I will call my hobbies/interests.  However, as I keep thinking about writing blog two things happen: 1) not really knowing what to put here and 2) when I do think of things things to put here I let to much time laps and never get it done.

Now insert the video I stumbled upon yesterday while catching up on some news titled Procrastination.  I have not read the book but here is the trailer, which hits home for me.

Next question you probably would have is what have I learned by watching the video.  To be honest nothing more than what I already knew but it did make me think about all the things in my life I have procrastinated about by doing other things first.  However, maybe with that video and other things that have happened this week, they have given me a renewed interest in my own interests that I say I never have time for.

I guess time will tell.