So much for trying to keep up with this blog as you can tell from my previous posts.  I guess I have been busy with life in general and other random things.


However, I have been working on this other project that I have made a lot of progress on but can’t seem to get the client to agree to the final part.  This has made me put that project on hold for the last couple of weeks which has actually worked out well and has given me time to to help a non-profit in Iowa with a couple of things.  Also, I was able to prepare for winter or really my wifes need for wanting a fire all the time by splitting a bunch of wood last Friday.


Finally, I have been paying more attention to the Craft Beer scene here around the Twin Cities but even in Minnesota in general and it is really blowing up.  I will make another post specifically about that as I might stop by the Golden Nugget tonight to try another some more new beers from Lucid Brewing.

So as I haven’t been as productive on posting anything I have actually been busy.