Two things that I have been devoting my time outside of work on these days, besides my family as well which we are expecting an addition to arrive any day now.

I have been working on this side project from time to time for quite a few years now and it has just finally taken a different direction as I have always wanted it to.  I apologize that I am not giving out all the information now but I am still working pretty hard on it to get it to a finalized state so it is usable by the time my customer needs it.  Additionally, I feel by writing it quickly on a Monday morning I will not give enough details in to who this project came about and some ideas I have for the future of the project.

It has been about 4 years since I brewed beer more frequently and I have finally gotten around to picking the hobby back up again.  I decided to grab a kit in December from Midwest Supplies called Maple Syrup Dark Ale.  Lets just say that day was a learning experience as my first batch (yes I had to do two), I was rushing to much and not checking the size of my boiling pot.  Needless to say I did it a second time paying close attention to all the details and I am hopeful this batch is going to turn out good.


On January 8th moved it from the carboy to bottles and am now just waiting patiently to see if it turned out good or if I am going to have to pour all the bottles down the drain.  If this one and a few more turn out good, I will post a few tips and tricks that I have found useful to anyone wanting to pick the hobby up.  However, I have to wait to post them to ensure the tips and tricks I remember produce the beer I remember.

Well that is all I have for a Monday evening.