If you have followed along you might have realized I have posted more often.  You might have also noticed that I am not always writing a lot and just posting interesting things (e.g., videos, writings, quotes).

So why the change?

About a month ago a friend of mine shared with me a new site he stumbled upon called Known.  I was very intrigued as I am with most things and signed up to get a better idea of how it worked and what you could do with it.  The main use (and tagline) is to have a place for sharing content and discussing ideas.  I thought the idea is great and probably has good use for a number of people.  Then as I was going to make my first post I realized I already have a place to do that and that is here on this WordPress blog.  All of their selling points of publishing words, pictures, podcasts and sharing them with the networks you use is exactly what I can do with this site today.  So instead of having another site with just random things, I find interesting I figured I should just do that here.  So there you have it, that is why I have changed what I post and I hope you have found some of the new things interesting.