For the last couple of months, I have been more interested in Medium as some of the writers/bloggers I follow have been cross-posting to there. It is actually a very interesting platform as it seems to attract people who want to write longer articles and don’t really have a personal site to do so. Also, since it is a place that houses a collection of public writings from various people on various topics it allows people who don’t get there writing exposed to the masses a better shot of getting more exposure.

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However, with yesterday’s post by Founder Ev Williams titled “A Less Long, More Connected Medium” it starts to make you wonder what new audiences this will draw to the platform. Before you didn’t see many people post short posts on Medium as there wasn’t that Feed as you would find on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. However, talking more specifically about Tumblr it seems as though that might be the targeted audience as you can continue to write longer posts/writings that people are more accustom to in Medium.

As I was thinking more and more about the shift in new features I was reminded of an article that Hunter Walk wrote a couple of years back titled “Ev Williamsโ€™ Medium is Blogging for the 9%.” In there he talked about the internet rule of 1%-9%-90% and equated to WordPress, Medium, and Tumbler respectively. As I do believe that is still true I am wondering how much of a shift will happen with the new Feeds and Shorter posts that may or may not start occur on Medium going forward.

Time will tell and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. I wonder if by allowing shorter posts will lead to less fully original content (as Hunter Walk attributed to Tumbler in his article) on Medium and create more noise on the platform than before. In fact, it might make it harder to find the rich stories/articles that were once easier to stumble upon.

What are your thoughts on the change to Medium?