This isn’t going to be the post you are expecting for an introduction as I am really going to talk about why I am taking another Blogging101 course.  However, for those of you that are new to the site, I encourage you to find out more about me by reading my About page.  So the question is why am I taking yet another Blogging101 course?  The answer is actually pretty simple and you can read why below.  Also, if you are like me and a returning Blogging101 student I would be curious to know why, so let me know in the comments section below.

Giving back by Helping others: This is one of the biggest reasons I signed up again to do the Blogging101 course this session.  The last session I made a point to try to search out and find people needing help or having questions on how to do certain things in WordPress.  I actually have a couple different sites that I have helped maintain over the years for Non-Profits, Businesses, and just friends/family members' personal ones.

Forces me to Blog, Learn, and Network: It should be easier to make me blog than having to sign up for a course.  However, with everything else going on in life it is not always the first thing I remember to do.  By having the daily reminders to do something on my site helps remind me that I should also start writing something (even if it isn’t published that day).  Also, by doing the daily tasks each time, I have learned something new by trying new things and reading/seeing what other people try.  Most importantly the networking part kind of goes with my helping others as it makes you feel part of a community.  However, by signing up it allows/encourages me to find people who are writing about things that I am interested in, and that in turn encourages me to write more as well.

Traveling: I can see where this one is kind of odd one to put down.  However, I am currently traveling in China for work, in fact, I just landed in Shanghai last night.  Then after I get back to Minnesota for a couple of days before my wife and I head to Seattle for one of our good friend’s wedding.  So I thought signing up for this course again would be good as I should have some time to blog during my downtime at hotels, airports, and on airplanes.  Who knows I might even come up with a couple of tips on traveling as we go.

*Arriving in Shanghai China Customs*