I really can’t say enough great things about Kirby Ferguson’s work as I have written about it before (Everything is a Remix and Everything is a Remix Remastered and Kickstarter). However, he put together a new remix video around how Star Wars The Force Awakens is just one remix after another.  As always Kirby does an excellent job researching the topic and then putting the story/details altogether.  If you enjoyed his other videos this one will not disappoint either.

Now if you are like me and enjoy Kirby’s work you might like to know that he is trying to produce more of these mini “Everything is Remix” videos but he needs your help.  So he has created another Kickstarter project to hopefully help raise some more funds to tackle projects like these through the rest of the year instead of creating projects for other organizations.  He has already met the Kickstarter goal of $5000, which is great news because people can snag a really cool shirt and help support the project.  However, with 22 days to go, the hope is that should allow enough time to try to help him reach at least the first stretch goal of $20k so he will have the funds necessary to produce another addition to the Everything is a Remix series.

Obviously, I would encourage everyone and anyone that found the original series interesting to back this current project or more specifically check out his Patron site to fund more of his work ongoing.  I have been following him for quite a few years now, I mentioned before and am definitely going to throw some more support his way.