I was on a good streak for a while there, at least it was a good streak for me.  Then June came and went and it is almost halfway through July and I really haven’t written much on my site at all.  That is not to say I haven’t posted anything as I have made a point to post something every week for the Wordless Wednesday.  I have actually found this task enjoyable as I search through all of our old photos (172,939 as of 07/20/2016) and find something I feel is interesting to share.  Then I try to remember/figure out where I exactly was when I took the picture.  I really should expand on my photo searching topic and write more about the full experience instead of a caption.  Lately, I just haven’t found the time motivation to write much more than a caption so it fits perfectly into how I have adapted the Wordless Wednesday.

Spending all of this time searching through old pictures it does kind of allow me to procrastinate other tasks like actually writing something, reading, or finishing up some work (as the day job has been busy too).  I won’t discredit the fact that I might be procrastinating a little bit I do feel that even though summer seems like a great time to reflect, think, and motivate yourself to write/blog I feel it does the opposite to me. It does give me time to reflect, think but it instead motivates me to do other but more family-focused as my wife and kids are out of school for the summer.  Then oddly enough I probably have more things to write about as I am thinking/doing more stuff in the summer, I have found the lack of time/motivation at the end of the day to sit in front of the blank white screen and just type.

Has anyone else found it harder to find the time or motivation to sit down and write during the summer months and if so why?  Or do you find that it is easier to write in the summer months and why?  Just wondering if I am the only one.