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Yesterday, charity: water published the video above as part of celebrating that the non-profit has been around for 10 years now helping to solve the water crisis for 10 years.  That is an amazing accomplishment and this video takes you back to the beginning of how Scott Harrison started the company.  In fact, it takes you a bit further back to how major dots in his life which probably and ultimately led him to create the company.  Hearing his story again is always so powerful and moving and never gets old.  The whole video itself is so powerful and moving and the message is very simple:

Clean water changes everything.

and the organization has a simple goal of ensuring:

No one on earth will die from dirty water.

###Why do I care about charity: water I have been a big fan of this organization for a while now and one of the main things that drew me to it was how transparent they were by investing/figuring out ways to give donors confidence in what they are doing.  Some examples are showing a Google map of all the Completed Projects by using GPS or Building Remote Sensors in order to report on the water flowing at any of their projects, at any given time, anywhere in the world.  Not to mention, the 100% model, this was such a radical change back when charity: water was started as it was the first of it’s kind to help promote confidence that a charity would not misuse the funds it has been given for project purposes by really requiring them to figure out another way to obtain funds for Administrative purposes (e.g., salaries, office space, computers).  That idea was so powerful of a change that I have now seen it starting up at other non-profit organizations.

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I can’t wait to see what happens with this organization in helping solve the water crisis in the next 10 years.