The “little” side project that some of you may or may not know about call Blogging Meetup just hit another major milestone today…  It has been one year since I wrote the first post on that site as well as my own (Community - Blogging Meetup) that started it all out.  I took a couple minutes to thank everyone on the site which you can find the repost below with a link to the original here (Blogging Meetup - Congratulation on 1 year).

I actually can’t believe it… Today marks the day that The Blogging Meetup is now one year old. I couldn’t be more excited about how it has grown and brought people together from all around the world.

In fact, I wish I could personally thank each and every one of you (383 registered users as of today) for whatever amount of contribution you have made to the continued success of this site. Even if you aren’t posting or chatting it up in the Community Chat you might just be a passive reader of the blogs listed on the site and then make sites/connections through their site. It is because of all of you that WE are still here today, as I said from the beginning and I will quote it here:

“This is super important and probably should have been said at the beginning but I don’t want to be considered the owner of this because that is not my intention. What I really want is this to be a community-driven site by the members.”
That statement is still as true to me today as it was a year ago when I wrote it and for good reason. I knew that for some of us “life” just gets in the way and I am one of those people. I was super active in this community early on and for a good chunk of time until about December 2016 when “life” got busy. I could tell you lots of reasons why I thought that happened but heck, it happens to all of us right?  That is why I believed the only way this site would survive is if we have a community feel and that community could be active on its own. Even though I have not been as actively posting or prompting in the past couple of months I still browse the comments and click to read new posts from people I am not actively following.

Well, enough about me and back to the community! One year, I am still really stoked about that accomplishment and I hope each and every one of you are as well. I know there is things we could do better or have great visions of for this community but it will come. The one thing I have learned over the last year is that it doesn’t all need to happen right away and maybe it will someday or maybe it won’t. Now with that said, if there is something you are hoping could change or you personally would even like to change about The Blogging Meetup let me know. Post it in the comments below, include me in a post of your own on this site, direct message me on Twitter or you can just email me at

I can’t wait to see what plays out in this next year but trust me I am looking forward to posting something similar when we are 2 years old :). Again, I would love to hear what you have to say or think as I am committed to having this place around for as long as people want it. I paid for another year of the domain name and will continue to do so until the lights shut off.

One final note of appreciation goes out to Amanda, as she took an early interest in this project and has helped to do a lot of the admin work for its continued success. It looks like we did do something right as it is still kicking along!

Originally published on at The Blogging Meetup