I have been at a standstill for the last three months since I had posted a hand full of new articles. As the days clicked by I finally decided I should really think about it as I would put pressure on myself to push publish but ultimately nothing ever happened.

Now before I get too far along this isn't one of those I was too busy or I forgot about posting for the last couple of months. I will say there has been too much on my mind about the content to post and not enough time to finish it out.ο»Ώ

I was excited to post the follow-ups for Media Consumption and the Floodgates of Unnecessary Purchases as I had some more thoughts on each of those subjects. In fact, right now I have 5 posts ready to publish today if I wanted to but where I keep getting caught up is do I really want to publish them on this site or do I want to release them if/when I change this site name in the upcoming days... weeks... months... years... It seems like I keep thinking of changing it up and that keeps making me push out my timeline of posting stuff I already have done.

Over Thinking Might be the Problem

I am not worried about the change in general but I am wrestling in my mind with what this site should be or what the new site should become. That is where I hit my standstill. Here is some of what keeps going through my head:

  • For the best results shouldn't I publish similar types of material and not be all over the place?
  • My longer form articles are around finance, minimalism, habits, or working on focusing, so I should probably only publish that type of material.
  • If I start a new site should I only write about those things there and let the other stuff just fade out into the Interwebs.
  • I could run two different types of blogs one for more specific content and then one of other random stuff?

So what should I do?

I was going to just pose this as a question to anyone reading if you have been in a similar situation or what other questions would you ask me? However, as I thought of what to title this random post I realized the word Standstill came to mind. It seemed fitting because instead of publishing what I write, I have just been at a standstill. No new site, and no new posts.

Looking back and moving forward

At this moment, I realize that I need to pull back from trying to craft the articles that might do well and get shared across all of social media. In my current situation I just like writing about things I see, stuff that is making me think, or interesting stuff I find online. This is more of a creative outlet that was never started with optimizing my audience or more specifically making money. Looking back I didn't have a direction of where I wanted to take this it was just a place to share things.

Over the last two years, I realized I had lost that as I kept thinking I should switch my topics/publishing style to match some of the people I follow that are super successful. That is them and that is not me nor at this time do I really want it to be me. I don't want to be bound by what I post about as it would be forcing me to pretend in a way. I know it could be beneficial in the long term if I would just niche down but at this time that is not going to happen but I am sure common themes will be present in my posts.

Hope you stick with me as the future is unknown πŸ˜‰