You can now read True Blue by Eliot Peper for free online as it has moved to An Internet Public Art Project.

To read the online story click on the picture.

This is a really cool idea of turning a short story into something different. It isn't really a comic book but something almost living by utilizing the technology of today to create and make the story more visually appealing. I enjoyed the story when I read it in 2017, but the story combined with the illustrations and design make for an even more brilliant read.

I am a fan of Eliot's work as I have tried to read almost everything he has written. However, for this creation I need to be sure to give credit to the Illustrator (Phoebe Morris) and the Designer, Art Director and Developer (Peter Nowell).

If you are curious about the creative details of the online version check out Eliot's post on Medium titled Making 'True Blue'.