More than ever I am guessing people are (or maybe are not) noticing how they are spending their time or maybe not as various schedules have been disputed over the last 6 months. I know mine has as I have gone from working in an office every day to working at home daily now.

I ran across this interesting article by Brad Feld titled "Are You Spending Your Weeks The Way You Want To? Reading it gave me pause to think myself how I have been spending my time not only in this short 6-month window but over the past 39 years of my life. If this sparks some interest some further reading is the original article that Feld references which is published on Wait but Why titled "Life in Weeks".

Personally, all the question Feld asked is really the questions I have been searching for over the last couple of months and maybe years at that. I am going to definitely spend some more time thinking through this. In addition, the original article dives in a little bit more and provides more food for thought.