Has anyone ever considered instead of a specific Blog site to just create a Newsletter and publish that? With the abundance of them these days I am just wondering if someone has gone down that route and then pointed your domain to the newsletter archive page.

The major drawback I see would is if you were using your blog in a more microblogging site. Then it would maybe be silly to share out small bite-sized shares like photos, random thoughts, or other articles you might find interesting. On the flip side, you could just include the interesting thoughts, photos, and articles throughout the week and share it out once.

For now, I don't think this is something I would do but I do find it an interesting concept and would be very interested in knowing if anyone else has done this or thought about it too.Β 

My experience with just newsletters is that I have tried it a couple of times in the past but was never really sure what to put in a newsletter that I hadn't already shared via social media or posted on my blog. This is, even more, the case now that I have started to use Micro.blog more for a single spot of all information as you don't have to try to figure out where it was posted.