I believe today marks my one year of using Micro blog or at least based on my post from a year ago today (my one year being a paid member is coming up). However, with that said I now see my On this Day page doesn’t work 😒 (add that to my list to look into another time).

Thinking back, I can’t believe it took me so long to find this platform or maybe I saw it and didn’t think to use it.

Either way I have enjoyed the past year learning about what is possible and in some places figuring out a work around or how it can work for me. Honestly, the best part of Micro.blog is the community and acquaintances that I have made through this platform. It kind of fits with what I have always looked for when blogging. I do it mostly for myself but if someone else reads it and finds it interesting then great. Also, since it is ingrained into everything else on Micro.Blog then I can find others that are like minded and interested in similar topics.

Even after a year of using Micro.blog I am still not entirely sure what my setup is going to look like but for now it is working and the linking I have done between my older WordPress blog works.