It has been so long since I have actually logged into and looked around at my WordPress powered site that I realized so much stuff is outdated.

Right now I push all the content from there as it was how I set it up a year ago and I actually don’t mind the process flow. Nothing that gets pushed over there is published to the front page unless I want it to be and have to log in to make it happen. Otherwise all of these posts are kind of hidden in the background. I know if you really wanted to find it you could but you might have to dig a little or know what to search for. There has only been a couple times in the past year that I have taken a post I published on and made sure it hit the main page of that site.

As I keep looking at the couple of site pages I have, I found my about page hadn’t been updated for 4 years as it talked about some work I did with a different non-profit. Also, I realized I had a newsletter subscribe and archive link there that I haven’t even sent anything out since 3 years ago as well.

I guess I am trying to figure out the purpose of this site as anything I want to share or post I publish to my site. I don’t really need a professional site of any kind so it is almost a backup of my which isn’t the end of the world but I have been thinking about changing things up again.

Uh oh… 😁