I really can’t believe that I found my Apple Pencil late yesterday. As I kept thinking about it I was trying to remember what was around me at the table where I was working the day before. The problem is everything had gotten moved around as well as the kids dumped all of their Halloween candy out to sort through so I had to think about what was there the day before. I looked all over the floor and around the area thinking maybe it rolled off or got attached to the metal under the table or on the chairs. Also, we have a new coffee bar that has metal doors on it so I thought maybe it attached itself to that. Finally, while looking at that I saw the new black metal baskets my wife bought for us and I remembered how my daughter got some white ones as well. So I walked back to her room and sure enough as you can see it attached itself to the metal white basket that she showed me before she moved it back to her room. I am still surprised that I found it.