Back when I was a long time Fitbit user, I used to have a scale from them as well so all of my fitness information was in once place. In fact, from time to time I would keep track of foods I ate in the Fitbit app as well and it worked pretty well overall.

However, as time has passed I got frustrated with Fitbit and it’s lack of durability from my point of view and move to a Garmin. I still used my Fitbit scale until it broke not long after but also my wife had bought one of those Shapa scales that was about the worst type of scale out there. Sorry, I am sure it works for some people but for me I could care less what color I had I just wanted to know my actual weight in lbs πŸ˜†. I did figure out how I could get a number by having the information shared with Google Fit and then I could just manually put it into my Garmin Connect app. I hate to say I did that for longer than I would like to have admitted before I got tired of doing the manual part and just donated the scale as no one else was using the piece of garbage anyways.

That brings me to today as I would like to keep track of my weight again as well as try to track my calorie intake. I am trying to figure out the best route to take here and am open to suggestions. Ideally, I would like a single app that could pull all of this information together as a one stop shop. I know I could buy a normal scale and enter the information manually but for me I want to set a routine of standing on the scale and not make notes to myself to record it in a system. I just want it to be automatic! Kind of like the Fitbit did for me before but since I don’t have a Fitbit watch that seems kind of silly for that and I have found nothing plays super nice with Garmin Connect. Ideally, it would be something that can send data to or pull information from Garmin Connect or Apple Health.

Any suggestions send them my way please!