Brecken has been begging us to go family bowling since he has started in this junior League every that plays every Saturday. With his new ball finally ready it seemed like the right time for a Sunday morning family fun. Canโ€™t beat the prices at Tuttles for $2.50 per game so we got there early and had a late breakfast while we bowled for a couple hours. Everyone seemed to enjoy doing something different but I think the third game might have been a little too much. With our family of 5 it took us about 1 hr to bowl a game but everyone powered through even with some touch and go moments at some times ๐Ÿ˜.

Family bowling!

Gretchen giving it all sheโ€™s got!

Madiana casually tossing it down the lane and did very well with this approach.

Lining it up and trying some different things to test out the new ball.

Always exciting if you knock down a lot of the pins!

Hey, even the adults can celebrate from time to time after a great toss!