Another step in migrating a lot of my stuff in one place has been completed. I wish I could say this was a super simple process that took an hour or less and was done. However, due to some user confusion, it took me more hours than I would like to add up. I was probably trying to do too many tasks at once but I ended up uploading a lot of duplicates which then required me to click into each Uploads page and Posts page and remove said duplicates 🤦‍♂️. Now in theory I would not have had to do this as it would only annoy anyone flipping through old posts but seeing how that for sure will be me it would annoy me and now seemed like the best time to clean it up before it really annoys me in the future (future Eric better thank me).

Thinking back there are probably two things I should have done differently or paid closer attention to:

  • Really understand what and how things were going to get pulled over to I know it was said many times in what I had read on the post about it but I kind of forgot that I had a bunch of Instagram posts where I had 10 pictures in each. They were when we were traveling and I did a daily recap of our days. So… that then created 10 M.b posts that really require clean up as it also didn’t pull over the caption for one or any of the 10 pictures.
  • Do smaller bathes of photos and remember to clear the selection after it is uploaded. I think this is where my duplicates came into place. I think I would start selecting the next batch before the first finished. So when I then clicked Import the next time some were duplicated.
  • Hashtags - Wow this seems like a fun idea when you are using Instagram but it is really a pain when you import all of them and you have a ton of hashtags for a photo. Now I should say, it looked fine but I just couldn’t live with myself having the hashtags that were of really no use to me in my new setup. This is one of those times I wish I could just do a find an replace. 😆
  • Emoji’s - Not sure why but theses didn’t really come though all the time. Some many times they were garbled. I guess it would have been good again to check this first but I think in my earlier or later times on Instagram I didn’t use them as much as I did at one time.

I should say even though I had some frustration cleaning up the issues from the import. I don’t really blame the program as it was really my own mistake in not fully paying attention or understanding.

One interesting thing I did find when going back though and cleaning up the pictures, there was a time that I posted some of the same things to my old blog as I did Instagram. As of now I kept them both there. I know I need to do some more cleanup so when that time comes I might remove some of them.

Next up… I don’t know if there is much else left to bring into M.b. I have some other older sites that my wife and I used when we went to Peru and then when our son was born 6 weeks early. Those two were merged many years ago and then it was more or less a family site that we kept updating with pictures of the kids. However, each year that goes by we use it less and less and I am pretty sure we didn’t use it at all last year. If I decided to bring it in, I think it would only be parts and I would need to go back and make sure all is fixed before I do that as I don’t want to cause more problems for myself 😆.