I spent more time that I like to admit thinking about using a Read it Later service I ran across called Wallabag only to on a wim sign up for a trial subscription. However, I never got an email to log into it which was super frustrating and then I was about ready to just setup the service on my own server as that is an option. However, I wanted to trial their service and who know maybe I would have just paid for it as it wasn’t that expensive. Long story short, I realized not recieving the email was 100z5 my fault because when I moved a domain over to Porkbun I didn’t setup the email forwarding right 🤦‍♂️. After getting that fixed, I decided to try to login to Wallabag again and see what this Read it Later service was all about.

Honestly, in the 2 min I used it and set up the Chrome Extension I had this feeling that I didn’t want it and probably would not use it anyways 😁. I think I realized again that anything I would stick in the Read it Later tool I would NEVER read later. It would just be a place of notes and I already have enough apps and tools that do that.

The closest I have come to using a Read It Later service on a more frequent basis was when I piped in RSS feeds directly to them and that was where I would just go read everything. My only issue with that was it wasn’t easy to just clear it out and declare RSS bankruptcy (which I do from time to time). Also, it came back to what would I do after I read an article do I archive it or delete it? I never went back and looked at prior saved articles and part of that is if I really wanted to remember something or retain something from what I read I would probably put it in a notes app.

So, after checking out another Read it Later service I am still back to not using a Read it Later service and I am ok with that. I did really like the name of the service though, in fact it could have been catchy… Wallabag.it