Getting Organized 🗃

I am not completely there yet but it seems a lot of my other projects as of lately have revolved around this idea of organizing things…

This probably started back in early January when I went down the rabbit hole of getting all my old DVDs on a computer to use with Plex as a way to free up some shelf space in the basement. I don’t remember the last time we have used any of those DVDs except a very small handful we take along in the RV. However, since putting them all on the computer, I think we have watched 10 movies off there so far. The next step in this process was getting a better handle on our Picture organization too, it aligned nicely with the first project because we had to get more HD space and in that purchase, we got a new computer so everything needed to be transferred from the old drive. With the new computer, the nice advantage is I have been able to remotely log into it and it is fast enough that I could look through old stuff and organize other things to fit with the process we use now. In fact, our picture process has even changed since I first had thought about it so maybe I will expand on that at another time.

Online organization, this I have written about before but I have really abandoned using my old blog / Instagram / Twitter and have doubled down on I am happy with this change as I like everything in one place but I do find at times I might be over clutter the M.b timeline when I do some multiple posts from a weekend adventure. I like to toss a photo up to capture moments which is why a while back I mostly only used Instagram. I am still using it today but now I only use the app to follow some friends of mine that don’t really post anywhere else.

The next endeavor might take me a little longer to get done but I want to find the right tool or process to help me get more organized or stay organized. The issue is that I have realized a lack of organization in my life over the last year but probably has been a little longer than that. I hate to admit it, maybe it is an easy excuse but I think it has something to do with working from home and without having that separation and maybe a dedicated office space for non-work tasks, stuff has been blended together and I have not found a good way to reconcile all of it. There is also a lot of other things that have changed in my process over this time as well. I moved away from Evernote, which kept everything, to OneNote for some information and Day One for others. Additionally, once I completely ditched all my Android devices for iOS in 2021 (wow big purchase year), I then moved a little bit from OneNote into using more Apple Notes. So my storage of things is pretty fragmented right now as well and I think that is causing me panic as I don’t have a great system at this time.

More to come…

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