Wow! All four games over the weekend were down to the wire last second buzzer beater games! The point differential in total was 8 (2,2,3,1 in that order). Proud of their team for not giving up as most of the games we came back from 8-10 points down but they played tough and didnโ€™t give up. I am pretty sure all of us adults aged a bit more after those games.

My wife and I couldnโ€™t attend the final 2 games on Sunday as we were at a Dance Competition for our two girls. A big thanks to to Papa Walker (my Dad) for being our in-person cheer squad while we watched via livestream from the girlsโ€™ dance competition. (Apologies to the dancers on stage as our group let out an audible cheer at the buzzer beating victory!!! ๐Ÿ™‰)

7th Grade Tier 4 State Champions!

The baller himself, well done son!

Papa Walker and Brecken

He shoots!

Thankful for technology that allowed me to not be in the same place but still follow along

What a great way to end the season and it is sad that the season has now come to an end. It has been fun watching these boys play together. They had a very successful season (28-12) despite all the sicknesses, and injuries. As I was the official / unofficial stat keeper here are some interesting facts.

  • 1st Place in 3 tournaments
  • 2nd Place in 2 tournaments
  • 3rd Place in 1 tournaments
  • 40% shooting percentage vs opponents 35%
  • One tournament they only had 5 kids to play (no subs) and only lost one game
  • Out of the 40 games only two kids were at all of them (one being my son)