Hemispheric Views Podcast - It's a Bracket

This is long overdue but I really did enjoy my time on the Hemispheric Views podcast that was published last week titled It’s a Bracket!.

I actually found some time to listen to it and it is amazing the various topics we touched on even though I was there to talk about Arcadia 😄. I really had a great time chatting in person with Jason Burk (@burk), Martin Feld (@martinfeld), and Andrew Canion (@canion) and I want to thank each of them again for allowing me to participate. The rest of the episode after my brief appearance is great to as they continue to cover other interesting topics.

So for any of you looking for a great podcast to listen to you should go check it out on your podcast player of choice or just go to their website. Don’t base the whole show on but being biased I thought it was good!

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