It was supposed to be a day to get stuff done or at least just relax as the only things we had on was something in the morning and then evening. However, we were getting some new doors delivered for the upstairs and I have someone lined up to install them on Monday. Then as a perfect storm, the delivery people dropped it off when I wasn’t home and once I got home I found out they were not the doors I was thinking I purchased πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ. Hoping they had made a mistake I quickly realized checking my email that I did indeed order the wrong doors. I kind of blame the store as I had everything in my online cart and then for some reason it got cleared so then I was trying to redo it and instead of getting prestained boards I got the ready-to-stain boards.

So this started the day off where instead of not having to do much I drove multiple loads to the store to return them and then buy the ones I could in stock. Out of 7, I was able to buy 5 of them and 2 are now coming in later as they were “special deliver”. The best part of those two special delivery doors is the two wrong ones that did get delivered I had to pay a 25% restocking fee… ouch! Overall I made 2 trips to the store with the incorrect doors and I was luckily (since it was only 5 of the 7) able to get those back in 1 trip at the end but might have been two if I couldn’t have fit them all in the van.

Let’s just say it was an overall waste of my resources today (time + money). I guess I at least have something for our person to install on Monday but now I am going to have to wait another week for the last two doors.

Even when I don’t do the house projects myself I somehow have created a mess to deal with.