Found out late yesterday that the ethernet cable that connects my shed office to the house has a broken connection somewhere. I wonder how long the connection has been broken as I do know I have sometimes had some limited connection issues over the past month but chalked it up to a blimp or Google Meets. I guess the good thing is my Orbi Mesh Wifi just connected to the house wirelessly once it realized the cable was not working but obviously that is where my connection was not as strong as before. Long story short the quick fix as of late yesterday was to just drop a new cable in my yard. So yes, I currently have an ethernet cable just sitting on top of my grass going from the house to my shed office. I mean what could possibly go wrong with this. πŸ™„πŸ¦Œ

More to come on this story as I need to figure out if the burred part of the cable is broken or in a place where the line was exposed. I am hoping above ground and I can just piece things together.