What can I say Eliot Peper did it again with Foundry! From the moment it started the whole story was a fast-paced, entertaining, and almost too close-to-reality near-future spy novel. Needless to say, I could not put the book down or stop listening to it when I was away from the physical book. I really enjoyed how this book (compared to his others) took a different style in approach by being written in first person and I even found when listening to it (also appreciated it was his voice) it was like someone was telling me a story as we sat across a table drinking a cortado.

I think this book was the perfect way to do such a thing and as always allowed for all the twists and turns as the bigger story unfolded. As always, I enjoy hearing easter eggs from prior books as he might reference places and technology but you would not have had to read those books before to enjoy this one. The attention to all details between the characters and the scenery made me feel like I was part of the overall storytelling journey.

Eliot does such a great job of writing these types of near-future stories like these where the plot and things that happen are very realistic and not so far-fetched to what we hear in the news. However, I think it also goes to show the detail in which he researches various technologies and topics to ensure it has that real feel to the story. This is found in how he describes places, food, drinks, and technology. Overall, this is another great book put out into the world by Eliot! I am sure he is sick of hearing this from me but… I can’t wait for the next one!