Last year was the first year for a Christmas gift to my son I took him to the Iowa State men’s basketball game. I pulled him out of school a little early and we did a 3 hour trip down to Ames, Iowa for a 7pm game and then once it was done make the 3 hr drive home getting back around 1am.

This year he was asking for the same thing again as he had a great time and wanted to go watch another game. So around the first part of November, I looked into it and found that not only could we watch the mens game but the womens game as well. So yesterday was the day where we woke up at early to be on the road by 7am to watch a noon women’s game and then a 5pm mens game. The games couldn’t have turned out any better for a fan or even someone that isn’t a fan as we were able to see both teams pretty handily win. My parents joined in on the fun and came to both games as well as a dinner in between both at Hickory Park Restaurant. Our seats were pretty good as I didn’t get them right when tickets would have come out and since the College kids are on break I was able to snag us front-row seats for the women’s game and the first row in the upper deck for the men. Both seats I thought were good and for different reasons.

Luckily, the men’s game only lasted around 2 hrs so we could get on the road in good time and made it back to Eden Prairie by 10:30pm. I had a great day spending time with my son as we don’t always have a free day where neither of us has something going on. I guess I need to put a reminder in my calendar for when the games come out so I can be on the front end of planning for next year and what games we might go watch.