Well not really the return of the actual company or products but as I was looking at past blog posts today I found My First Post that was posted on March 30, 2011 about an interesting Kickstarter called Record Monsters (well that is as much as I had retained to this point). I probably would haven’t backed it at all but back in the days of earlier Twitter one of the creators Andrew Hyde and I followed each other as well as exchanged some messages from time to time. So sure enough when I saw him and another guy were doing this I figured why not support it. Not only becasue I knew one of the two and appreciated what he was doing on the internet at the time but also because it was a really cool idea to create 3D dinosaurs puzzles out of old records.

So I not only backed the product but since they actually did create it and ship it I got my set of 5 Laser Cut Vinyl Record Puzzles in an amazing box set of Bruce Springsteen & The Street Band. Fast forward 12 years now and I still have not put them together but since being reminded of them knew exactly where I could find this amazing box set.

I do remember I was thinking I would wait at the time until my son was a little older and put them together with him but I packed it away and kind of forgot about it. So now I am debating do I actually break into these amazing things or let them sit for a while longer.

Picture of one of the cut records and the diagram included so you have an idea of how it should go together.

Either way, I am again reminded how fun it is to Blog Garden and find small posts like this bring up memories and remind me of some interesting things and people I have come into contact with along the way.