A little word of advice, but honestly it just seems like common knowledge…

If you are trying to set up what you deem as a very important meeting that needs to happen face to face and is urgent, I would expect some confirmation in return when I send you over a time that works based on the initinal email you sent that had big blocks of time. Maybe I should just assume that the time is going to work no matter what time I choose as I choose a time from your list but it makes me uneasy not getting a confirmation due to the fact that it seems of the utmost urgency.

So here I am wondering after 18 hours have passed with still no response and the meeting that requires me to leave work early, drive to a meeting with a very cryptic topic of discussions has me confused at how important this meeting is.

I should clarify that this imporant meeting is being requested about an activity my 9 year olds is doing. Yep, you read that right.