Last night I saw this random animation on my Apple Watch that I had seen once before but had no idea what it meant or why it started. It seemed to be telling me to do what the animation was suggesting but again no idea why. Honestly, it had an eerie sense to it like I was watching something on the show Severance. This is a screenshot from my watch of what I saw:

I went my normal Apple expert route of bothering Jason Burk with anything and everything I randomly want to know about my Apple products. I am pretty sure he appreciates all of the questions or Apple issue rants I send his way. However, this one stumped him and didn’t have an answer for me either so I went to internet searching.

Come to find out it is an Apple feature called NameDrop… Never heard of it πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ.

NameDrop (part of AirDrop) is an easy way for you to share your contact information with someone, or receive theirs, without handing them your iPhone.

Ah, well that makes sense and actually now that I know what an interesting feature. I am sure it was talked about and I missed it but I think back to when my kids were younger and trying to exchange contact information with other parents (assuming they had iOS devices) this would have been super slick.

Still the one odd thing is you can activate it between your own devices which I would think it would know I don’t need my own contact information from my phone to my watch or vice versa.

I decided to capture a longer video below vs just the quick screenshot I took earlier.