I didn’t think much of it a couple weeks ago when I found a balloon sitting next to my office door in the backyard. However, a couple days later I saw another mostly deflated balloon in my side yard by where I take the dogs out. After that a day or two went by and yet I found another one blowing around in the backyard as it had my motion camera going crazy.

A green balloon with a yellow ice cream icon rests on grass, casting a shadow. Not really sure what that logo is.

Again I thought nothing of it but was starting to think it was very odd. Finally, I was taking out the trash one night and saw something moving slowly in the street towards my house. Yep another balloon.

A green balloon rests on asphalt near a concrete curb under ambient light at night. This was slightly disturbing as it slowly was moving towards my house in the street as I thought it was an animal.

Now this time it really got me thinking… Where do balloons go to deflate?

It is actually a great question and had me wondering what happened to balloons that people let go of in the air on purpose or accident. I mean they have to go somewhere or deflate and end up in someones yard or in the trees. Come to think of it every year on my mother-in-laws birthday since she passed away we would have the kids write messages on balloons and let go of them in the air. Cute and fun I know but now I am worried what if someone every year got these random balloons that showed up in their yard talking about their Grandma Diana. I am wondering would those people have thought about it and then the consistency of when it would happen. As come to think about it we would do it on special occasions as well. However, now that the kids are older we don’t do it as much or frequent so maybe those people are wondering what happened?

Lets just hope my house doesn’t become a constant balloon deflating ground as I don’t really want it to look like this.

A two-story house surrounded by countless colorful balloons scattered on the ground and floating in the air, suggesting a vibrant celebration.