Took a half day since it was the kids first day of school today so I started this run later than I would have wanted due to the heat outside. At least I had a couple mile section in the woods to take my mind off the sun and heat.

Another summer is gone and it was time for the kids to head back to school today… 🚌

I have realized over the weekend our family has way too many chargers and charging devices… Yet, we can never find one for our phones or devices when need be. How is this possible? 🤔

Decided to hit the trails of the Lowry Nature Center Today. It was a warm one out there but I really enjoyed the change of scenery for this run.

Since I was up early to get my son to the bus I decided to chase the sunrise with a little run on some trails before going to watch him run.

Who was excited to wake up super early today to get their son to school to catch the bus to a cross country meet?

Had some time to kill while the dogs were getting groomed. I quickly looked at a map and decided to run just random streets and trails in the area. Might have been a mistake as I think the heat got to me since I tried to add some speed.

My friend and I decided to use our time wisely tonight running and exploring some trails while our kids were doing a fantasy football draft. It was getting pretty dark by the end of it so I was thankful I tossed in my knuckle lights.

Long weekend and a little oversleep because of the dog made for an interesting run today. However, I can’t complain as I finished the millage I was hoping for but maybe not the route as I needed some outs.

Not one of those super exciting projects this afternoon but I painted this portion of our house. Doing it in some phases and it doesn’t looked like I have done much but I guess to me I know it looks better and fixed some woodpecker holes… 😑😖

Good way to end the hockey weekend / summer season with some food at Treats.

It started out and was going to be a 6 mile run, then 7, then 8… Finally got done after hitting 10. Couldn’t complain had great weather and company along this run and we just kept meandering along back trails.

Was thinking with the cooler temps for this mornings run was going to be nice but for some reason I forgot my friend the humidity. Thankfully today I was entertained by the distinguished gentleman of Hemispheric Views.

Thoughts from today’s fun run. I am not sure what is worse the air outside today which was very similar to yesterday but with sun or this body of water.

Don’t mind watching hockey and basking in this cool weather inside as outside it is another story. 🥵

It felt like swimming during my run today with 94% humidity and a 71°F dew point. I think the only saving grace was the clouds were out and not the sun.

Decided to stretch this run out a little longer since the weather was cooler this morning. Not sure how the rest of this week is going to fair out with the current looking temps. Maybe I will have to run inside or run in a river or stream. 🏃‍♂️

Down in Iowa for a wedding in the country… Figured I would try to fit in… Some have laughed and said nice work and others think I need to correct this before the wedding starts 😏

Early morning trail run before driving to Iowa for the weekend. I will not at all complain about the 50°F weather this morning either.

Well the bees got me again weed eating around the house (Eric - 0 Bees - 3, that is the overall times not the amount they have stung me 😔). However, now I know where they are and it is a big nest in the ground so I can fight back. 🐝