Missed this yesterday but I am really interested to dig into Notes for Micro.blog! Congratulations and thanks to @manton and the team this will be a great addition to something I use so often.

The plan was to wake up earlier than normal to run but I got a little bit more of a head start today since for some unknown reason my daughters set an alarm for 4:30am. I guess overall I can’t complain as I was able to take a slightly different route to get some more elevation.

An empty street at night, illuminated by a warm streetlamp. The street is has a center median with grass and on both sides of the street is buildings with dark windows loom that above. In the distance, a few trees silhouetted against the starry sky.

Just two best friends hanging out in the Shed Office while I get work done today. 🐢🐢

Two dogs are napping together on a cushioned couch, surrounded by blankets and a chew toy, creating a cozy, domestic scene.

Another great day to get outside for a run with shorts! This was one of those days I didn’t think it was going to be as productive as a run and in hindsight I would have planned something different.

A partly frozen pond surrounded by bare trees, with houses in the background, under a clear blue sky.

I think I have spent the entire day working on presentation slides, and slicing and dicing data in Excel to make charts and figure out the details of the data. πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

It was almost too nice not to get outside today with the run shinning. I also kind of wanted to get my weekly running total over a number so decided get out there.

Sunlight reflects off a pond flanked by dry grass and bare trees, under a blue sky with scattered clouds.

Continuing to build the millage base. This run was longer than any run I ran in 2023 which is kind of odd to think since it is only February. Saw some cows that I have never seen but am sure I have gone by before in town.

Colorfully painted cow statues are positioned on a grassy hill with bare trees in the background.

Well the ice might be receding now but it felt so much colder out running today and my body is not used to this anymore. Not only cold but the wind and snow in my face on half of it was not as enjoyable as you would think.

A frozen lake with streaks and patches of snow extends to a treelined shore under a cloudy sky.

View from the office today.

Raindrops cling to a screen, partially obscuring the view of a suburban landscape with a backyard hockey rink, houses and bare trees.

Even though it hit 50Β°F, I made the decision to not venture out any more than necessary.

Early morning run that had a small trail section to make it that much more remote in the early hour.

A dimly lit dirt path leads through a dense, dark forest at night, creating a moody and mysterious atmosphere.

This run was mostly done so I could goto the pharmacy to get my son some medicine. On the way back I wanted to see if this nice hockey rink got picked up before stuff might get lost and it did. Bummer knowing they probably had a week or two to use it.

An empty outdoor ice rink sits on a snowy surface, bordered by bare trees under a clear blue sky.

Here is what it did look like on Jan 11th

🎬 Family Movie Night - Wonka which was a fun musical and overall good movie.

Finishing the weekend off right after a busy fun filled couple of days…

Kind of forced this run by leaving myself no out. My youngest had a swim meet this morning and then other things. So I had my wife leave me at the swim meet to run home. Since I had to be home in 2 hrs to get my daughter to hockey it probably gave me more drive than needed.

Some days it is good to flex different brain muscles and do something outside your comfort zone. Today for me that was spending some quality time tinkering with weblogs.lol since I have not touched my corner of the world there since almost a year ago. It was fun and happy with it for now.

It was short weather today for this run and crazy to think it is Feb 1st. I was planning on doing less millage than this as I am trying to build the weekly millage slowly but it was too nice to cut this short. I will adjust the rest of the week.

Bare branches frame a view of a field filled with tall, dry grass under a clear blue sky.

Decided to get an early run in today in order to make sure I had time for it. Very quiet out which made for a nice morning. If only it was that time of year when I could have watched the sunrise. Also, not sure why I decided on a new route that of course I took a wrong turn and added some millage.

A nighttime landscape showing a field with dry grass, a line of leafless trees against a dark sky scattered with stars, and clouds with a hint of light blue, likely from the moon or residual twilight. The image has a painterly, soft-focus

Correcting a problem… Clicking on On this Day at the top of my blog like I have been trying to do most days only to find out no posts found. Kind of surprises me since March 30, 2011 nothing was posted since I have pulled in old (not great) blog posts and Instagram. This has been corrected now πŸ˜„

Nice and sunny out today for this run. I think adding so much millage last week might have made me felt more tired today than I should have.

If you look closely at this photo you can see there is a good chance that someone is going to lose a pond hockey goal if this warm weather keeps up.

A frozen lake, with tracks on the surface, is flanked by bare trees and a clear blue sky.

Well got a nice long run in even if I lead us down some very muddy trails… I was close at points but at least I didn’t fall.

Tall, dry reeds dominate the foreground with a strip of water and a mist-covered forest in the background under a gloomy sky.