Now in the second week of March (playing catch up), I thought I would give a quick list of some Podcasts (and favorite episodes) that have been keeping me company while running in the evenings.  My favorite part about all of them is that you can subscribe to them in iTunes, which makes it super easy to pull the next one up when you are heading out on a run or long car trip.

This Week in Startups by Jason Calacanis (@jason) - The show is done twice per week where the host Jason has various entrepreneurs on talking about their companies, what they do, and how it could change the world.  Also, every couple of weeks there is a news roundtable where he has two guests on that talk about some of the big tech topics out there.  In January, one of my favorite shows to listen to was E614 where Jason was talking to the CEO Emily Kirsch who Co-Founded PowerHouse.  The conversation was very interesting as it touched on what some new companies are doing along the lines of Solar and how Solar is becoming cheaper and one of the major roadblocks they run into is Policy.

The Tim Ferris Show by Tim Ferriss (@tferriss) - This is a great podcast and Tim has some really great guests like Edward Norton, Chris Sacca, Shaun White, Naval Ravikant, and Seth Godin.  Note all of those were just in the month of January and February.  Each of those people was probably my favorite episode of the last two months and I won’t dive into it too much as I wrote a little bit about Naval Ravikant’s interview in a prior post.

Intentionally Wandering by Jeff Sandquist (@jeff_wandering) - This one was created by a local Minnesota guy named Jeff Sandquist.  I really like how the podcasts are normally only 20-30 min which is perfect to listen to the whole thing in one sitting (or run as I prefer).  The other neat thing about this podcast is that it revolves around this same theme of Intentionally Wandering and, in my opinion, sharpening your own focus on how you view your world and the world around you.  He brings in some very interesting guests as who also do a great job of making you think and sharing their experiences.  In fact, I really like how he ends the episodes with guests the same way by asking them the same question that I always try to answer myself after each one.

“What is your why?  Why do you do what you do?”

I should probably start writing my own answer down to see how much it changes over time.  Another nice thing, since I am normally out running when listening to podcasts, is how Jeff puts show notes on the websites about the episodes with links to find the other materials (books/articles) that were mentioned in the show.  One of my favorite recent episodes is a solo episode he did titled " Lessons Learned from Being Curious" and there was a quote in there that really stuck out to me as I can see myself in this quote sometimes.

“We are all born curious, but not all of us remain curious. Curiosity, while it does come naturally to all of us, it can easily be suppressed, lost and destroyed, depending on our environment, our upbringing, our experiences, and even our thoughts and our reactions and emotions towards this idea of curiosity.” - Jeff Sandquist

So what are you waiting for go check out some of these podcasts today!  Also, do you have any that you listen to frequently?  Let me know in the comments.