Money has been on my mind for a post lately, in fact, you could say I think about it all the time. (With my mind on my money and my money on my mind. - Snoop Dogg).  So when the Blogging Meetup prompt of the day was “Money”, I knew this was the sign I had been waiting for.


You can’t blame me and I wouldn’t blame you either if it was on your mind. In fact, it is probably one of the reasons why you wake up in the morning when you do and go-to-bed when you do as well. For me it is why I wake up when I do, ok not entirely as I wake up earlier to run, but if it wasn’t my next thing to do at a similar time each day would I need the alarm?

My profession keeps my mind on money too as it is what we are known to help protect with safeguarded controls. Also, like most companies mine is no different where a part of year-end bonus are tied to financial performance and metrics (money).

Personally, I am sure I am like a lot of people that in their own way have certain struggles with money. It might be big challenges to overcome or could be something small but in the end, each person would probably say if only we had more! Then everything would work out and all would be right in the world.

I don’t think so :) … I don’t buy that response as I know I have said it before, so don’t worry you are not alone.

Now I would love to say I have all of the answers and that here are the 5 things you can do to turn this around and never think about money again… but that isn’t possible as I think no matter what situation you are in you still think about it to a degree but each person is looking at it from a different perspective.

The bigger question is probably what are people’s relationship with money?

Now I know that sounds like a really big question and well it is. It is really what drives you to do what you do, or live like you do every day. Another way to think of it would be what is your end goal with the wealth you have accumulated or might accumulate? You could be one of the fortunate ones at the end of your journey and figure it all out but I am going to guess that is only a small number of people. I would take a guess that most people are on that road right now and it might not always be clear what direction you are going.

This is where my journey starts/started not long ago was that I realized I had not fully defined my relationship with money in my head. In fact, it was also that I didn’t have any short-term goals attached to a larger one. I was just doing what the system told me when I left college. I got a good job and put money away for retirement.

So my question for you to think about is, what is YOUR relationship with money?

That is all I have for today but let’s keep this conversation going in the near future. I was kind of thinking once I started to write this might end up being a couple of posts in which I hope to build on them going forward and incorporate feedback from you.