“Bandwidth” by Eliot Peper

Bandwidth by Eliot Peper (@EliotPeper) is definitely another page turner by one of my favorite authors.

I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy to read but I also bought the Kindle version as well so needless to say it is definitely worth picking up. If you are a Kindle Unlimited Member you can get it for Free. Otherwise, it is $4.99 to buy which is a great deal as well!

Bandwidth by Eliot Peper

Bandwidth wastes no time from the first page dropping you right into the action as it captivates your imagination of a world not that far into the future. You will quickly figure out that the main character Dag Calhoon, a lobbyist representing high-powered tech and energy executives, starts questioning the world he has been helping create. In this world, every person has a “feed” (like social media) that is always in people’s minds and is integral to how the world works. As the story evolves, Dag stumbles upon a group of activists that have hijacked people’s feeds in order to sway public options and global markets. He eventually is faced with big decisions as he tries to figure out what is right/wrong and whom to trust.

I would say Eliot has done a good job in changing the types of books I have been custom to over the past couple of years. Where three years ago I would have said I read more Mystery or Action-Adventure and typically would have stayed away from Sci-fi type books. This book (like some of his others) is not what I would consider your typical Sci-fi books but more “near-term sci-fi” as it seems more within reach in the next decade.

**The Future feels closer than you think these days**

Even though this is a future-looking book, with everything in the news these days around political, environmental, and social media control issues it almost seems closer than you think. This book has them all and intertwines them into a great page-turning novel.  As always with Eliot's books, this is a very fast-paced story with a lot of twists and turns to make you really think. Not to mention the precision of detail he puts into describing the situations, buildings, food, and drinks that paints a perfect picture of what you should be seeing. Finally, I appreciated the short chapters as I always find myself with interrupting children when finally find time to sit down and read.

I really can’t recommend this book enough and as always don’t want to give too much of it away. So I would suggest you go reserve a copy

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As I mentioned I have read some of Eliot's books before and wrote about them so if you are interested to check out some of his other books go for it as you won't be disappointed!  Here are a couple: True Blue (A Short Story)Neon Fever DreamUncommon Stock: Power Play and Uncommon Stock: Exit Strategy.

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