This summer based on the suggestion of others I decided to read pick up the book titled North: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail by Scott Jurek and Jenny Jurek. I always knew who Scott Jurek was but I for some reason I didn't really realize he had run the Appalachian Trail and/or wrote a book about it. So as a runner myself I figured this would be the perfect book to listen to. The book chronicles Scott’s 2015 attempt at the Application Trail FKT (fastest known time) that he made with the assistance of his wife Jenny.

Overall, I would suggest “North” to anyone that enjoys running or hiking. Not to say if you didn’t enjoy running or hiking you wouldn’t find this interesting but I do think you can relate to some points in the story. However, if you want to hear more of my take read on!

The book is mainly from Scott’s point of view I did like the added benefit that Jenny’s views were intermixed in the book (as well as Audio) as well. It was interesting hearing what Jenny was thinking during the time as well as she could tell her husband Scott was hurting at times but also gave some insight into all that went on behind the scenes to assist while he was out running the trail. Also, the book is about so much more, you hear about their suffering, friendship, marriage, ego, and doubt.

From the beginning of the story, you are dropped into the picture with Jenny and Scott discussing life and what is next. Scott seems to want something else out of life as he realizes he has been on autopilot. He wanted to capture the uncertainty and excitement that comes with putting yourself into an extreme challenge. Not to mention, he and his wife Jenny were also mentally and physically drained by her second miscarriage. For them, Scott’s attempt at the Application Trail FKT was a way for them to try to escape and reconnect with themselves. However, they were not entirely sure what they had gotten themselves into.

46 DAYS - 2,189 MILES

Everyone already knows the outcome of the book so that is not a spoiler to any degree. However, where the pages start to come together is listening to how they overcame the daily struggles on the trail. You can tell the injuries, deprivations, and setbacks all take a toll on the overall push for and ultimate broken record. It is in those daily struggles that words of motivation and inspiration flow to the reader.

The Appalachian Trail ©NPS

Final Thoughts

I listened to the Audiobook of this mostly while running of course :). I will say I really appreciate it when authors read their own books for Audiobooks, I think it adds something to it. Especially, if it is someone like Scott and Jenny that you have seen a picture of before and are a presence in the running community. It almost makes it feel like a friend just telling you a story.

I really find it easy to recommend this book as I think it is a great story to be told of his feat and you feel you are with both him and Jenny the whole way. Also, I found how the book was written can help motivate anyone to face a big obstacle.

Final note, if you are interested in more pictures and news from the actual event check out Scott Jurek's website. Also, you can find a video that Brooks Running made as well.