Have any of you been a part of an Online Community? If so I would be curious about what it is, how it works, does it cost you anything and if you feel you have gained any value from it? Feel free to leave a comment below.

I have been a part of a couple over the years and today I want to talk about the Break the Twitch Member Community. I have been a member since the beginning and I will say it has definitely been worth the value I paid and continue to pay. Not only do I get to help keep the Break the Twitch website and Podcast ad-free but also get access to an amazing community of supporting individuals and other resources. In the community specifically, you will find both Anthony and his wife Amy who are active by either leading and/or contributing to discussions.

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Now time to interrupt my normal style of writing with some questions and answering in order to fill in the blanks of why this post exists.

This is great why are you telling me this, is it a sales pitch? Are you going to get a commission on this?

NO and NO. This is not a sales pitch and I don’t get anything if you would happen to sign up. Well, I guess technically I get to have you in the community if you sign up so that is something. The real reason I am talking about the Break the Twitch Member Community is to get the word out there. I have been a part of the community for almost 2 years and figured it was time to give a little extra back as I realized that I have never talked about it or said I had joined.

So why did you join?

It seems like a fair place to start out. I have been part of communities before and the best communities are made better by the people in them. Each member (the creators are included in this one) is supporting each other along their own journey. Some of our journeys are the same but others are wildly different. That doesn’t matter though because the other members can help become your support system for you to do the tasks or things that matter most.

When I originally joined there were not many of us as it just launched. I didn’t hesitate as I have followed Break the Twitch for years and felt like this way one way for me to give back to a creator trying to create something to help people. Also, I believed in what Anthony was saying from the beginning. A little fun fact, I looked back in all of the posts I have had on this site and I have talked about Break the Twitch more times than I remembered (One Decision, Power of the Habit, Fall Clean up and Clean out).

I have been part of Communities before and they sometimes fizzle or conversations die out. How is the BTT Community and why would it be better?

I too have been part of other communities before and in fact, started one that I feel is in that dying out phase of life (more on that other time). By my own experiences in communities, I have found that the best communities need champions and that is where you have Anthony and Amy actively engaging with people in the community. Not to mention all of the other members have some motivation to be active as well because there was a reason we all joined, to begin with. Additionally, since everyone is paying something to be a part of it that brings an increased level of commitment on everyone’s part.

Sounds great but I don’t really want to be active in a community right now or what if I get busy and can’t be active in the community. Wouldn’t that mean I will not really be getting my value?

Another great question and to be honest I am that person a lot of the time. I will not lie I am not the best community contributor. I come in and out of discussions all of the time. It is not that I don’t find value in the discussion or monthly challenges they have. Trust me they are all great things, but for me, it comes down to my other priorities and which one fits for me at the given month/time. There is always value to be gained as the Break the Twitch Membership allows you access to a library of Audio courses that you have access to all the time. For someone that travels and spending a lot of time running around the streets, these courses are great to load on my phone and hit the road.

Didn’t you meet Anthony? Is that skewing your thoughts here?

Yes, and no. I did meet Anthony for the first time a couple of years back before the Membership community was open. As I said before I had been following Break the Twitch for some time and since we lived in the same area it made it easy to meet up. Meeting him in person confirmed what I had originally thought that he seemed like a super easy to talk to, down to earth, and overall really nice guy. I would have joined the membership community even if I had never met him. However, I will say the way he presents himself on the podcast, and in the Member Community group is how he is in real life.

Speaking of meeting with him, now granted you might not be able to meet him in person as I did, but after signing up you can take him up on the offer of a 20 min coaching call. Not to mention you can interact with him in the Community chat group.

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed this different style of post today. It came about based on a discussion with someone about the community. In addition, I had just completed the longest run I have done in years and some of it is thanks to the Podcast going in my ears that kept pushing me along.

If you have any questions for me about the Community let me know in the comments below as I am more than happy to answer them. Otherwise, I would suggest you check out the Break the Twitch Community page as it has some FAQs at the bottom. Lastly, feel free to reach out to Anthony as you can find him on social media or his email at the bottom of the linked page above.

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