Last night I was looking for a place I ran in Germany when I was there on a work trip in 2015. I then realized when I stopped using my Fitbit in 2019 I didn’t import that far back to my Garmin as I wasn’t using Strava then either.

As I logged back into Fitbit for the first time in a long time I was hit in the face again with how terrible their activity log and reporting is. Not to mention if you want your GPS data back and not a crummy CVS output of steps good luck!

Unforentually, my realization that I did not import my data from 2014-2016 into Strava or Garmin sent me down a rabbit hole of manual tasks by finding all my old runs in Fitbit to download. I am happy to say that task is done and I can thankfully (hopefully) never log into Fitbit again 😁.