Sometimes you have to start over at ground zero. Well technically I am probably not at ground zero this time because I only had four days off in a row.

This week however I have been getting back into running or restart my running has been a struggle. I have found it much more difficult that I would have thought based on the amount of mileage I typically run and how often I had been running each week. However, I am still probably not 100% better from my Achilles heel pain (or this is what my PT friends tell me I have). In addition, the heat and humidity earlier this week has not helped in my attempts to ease back into running. I restarted this week doing shorter than normal runs but since my only time was late afternoon I was battling getting back at it during the hottest times of day.

I have 45 days left until the Twin Cities Marathon … Right now my goal is to not get injured more and get my comfort level back up when running longer miles.

Let’s get this!