Yesterday our dog woke up and nothing seemed off as I took her outside as I normally do. However, when we got back inside and I normally give her a treat with her daily pill in it she sniffed it and just walked away. That is not normal at all…

Doodle just looked sick as she would walk up to me while working yesterday

Fast forward a little while and she kept throwing up and then when I would take her outside she would attempt to eat more grass to throw up. We ended up calling the vet and taking her in. They were very concerned and did multiple tests which all came back good for us and later in the day she came home after some shots and we could just monitor her for the rest of the day. She only drank a little late last night but would throw up after each sip of water. The vet told us if it continued like that we should call the next morning. At midnight last night I took her out once more and she came inside and did have some water and didn’t throw up the rest of the night. I decided incase she had to go outside quick I would just sleep on the couch with her so she wouldn’t have to jump down from our big bed and walk so far to the door. Needless to say I didn’t sleep well all night as the couple of times I woke up I checked on her fearing the worst as she really hadn’t eaten or drank anything for quite some time.

Work up this morning and the doodle had moved around a little bit but still very tired

I took her out this morning before I went for a run and then she went back inside and slept on our bed and my wife watch over her till I got back. Once I got back I took her out again and once we got back inside she seemed a little more pep in her step and took her daily treat, ate the little bit of food I offered her and drank some water. Hopefully, things keep looking up today as I am not sure I can go though another night like that.

Monitoring her from the shed office today she has now had 2 small helpings of food and water