Most likely the last big trip for this year has wrapped up and I am again reminded that I was going to attempt to post/record more of what happened so I would have a record of it in the future to look back on. However, as it has been almost two weeks since we got back and I haven’t posted anything from my last trip (or the first trip for that matter) except running pictures it doesn’t seem like I am going to start a new trend.

As I was thinking about this today I think it all comes down to I want it in chronological order on my blog and on the same day it happened. Don’t know why but that is just how my brain works. I used to be pretty good a while back at doing that and posting some daily adventures on Instagram when we road tripped to Colorado. However, I have found that harder to do over the years since then and I think some of it also comes back to having the pictures readily available to post quickly that evening. For example on this past trip to Maine, I did take a good handful of photos on my phone and it would have been probably good enough to just post that to get something of the day documented. However, I brought along our good Cannon DSLR with all of the lenses and tried my best to use it and also carried it around during the days (except when running). So I knew there were probably good photos on that too as I used it to capture moments and didn’t rely on my phone. In addition, my wife had her phone as well and took some great in-the-moment photos that I would have wanted to post as well.

So I waited thinking maybe the next day I would get around to doing something…. and then as the days went on I did nothing.

I am back to the point of wondering if I should just post a daily log that I have kept about the things we did and the places we visited. Or post the daily log and include pictures as all of them are now mostly in one place (or I can get them from my wife’s Instagram account as she does a lot better job than I). Or keep doing what I have been and doing and do nothing.

Time will tell but I do feel like I want a record of the event as I like looking back and seeing what we did.