It might seem silly that I do this as I am sure some people might get sick of seeing a photo every other day or so with a link to Strava and some random thoughts of my run. I used to just post a photo on Instagram long before I stumbled on as most of the time back then my runs were early morning or in the evening and I enjoyed sharing a good sunrise or sunset photo. After I finished my 5k a day I think I stopped posting photos there and then it became more infrequent and only if I would find something interesting. Then I came to and after a while, I started posting running photos here but again infrequent and would never link to Strava until about a year ago. For some reason, I got this idea in my head that not only would I want a photo from my run with some random thoughts but a link to the route I did, which would tell me where I was also. I am sure no one else could care but it is my blog and a good way to document things to remember even though I wasn’t sure when I would look back. Until the other day, I finished my run and clicked on the On This Day link I have and found out I ran the same tails a year ago!

Run from Last week Thursday July 6, 2023 and then my run from Thursday July 6, 2022. Kind of interesting I thought.

I know that in theory, Strava can capture the same information but that information is stored in a place that I can’t easily export and keep for the long run. I get I am using them to keep track of my route history but it is also stored in Apple Fitness going forward as well. I guess I should consider saving down my GPS data but at this point that is not all that important. However, I have taken the steps to retain some of the running information like miles, pace, and total time in my DayOne app. Which is kind of where this process today starts with the use of Shortcuts and another service called FeedMyRide. I will detail out and share the shortcut soon.