Oddly enough I was just saying earlier this week I should find a trail race to run but I have been dragging my feet a lot. Well that is all over now because of a pending deadline of having to register by midnight tonight for The Trout Brook race I found earlier in the week. Amazing what can happen when you really have to make a decision quick as I only realized the deadline tonight. However, I do believe that this is probably a good millage for my first Trail Run. I might not be in the best race shape I could be going into this but honestly I am kind of going for more of the experience and not worried to much about my overall time. I think what helped push me to this race is that I have been to the area before camping and it has always been our favorite and I think that is what kept nagging at me for the past couple of days. Oddly enough I can not find in my quick searching what the exact route is going to be to get to the 10 miles (or 1 eric as a specific person calls it) but I am sure I have covered 90% of the trails around Willow River Falls from our camping trips there (2020-10-16, 2020-10-18, 2021-10-22). If anyone is bored or free and wants to join me there is a couple hours left to register and we can muddle through it together.

Well I can’t back out now it is Official!