I would say for at least the past year I have been pretty true to using Markdown when publishing stuff on this here blog and more specifically making sure that I use Markdown in order to post my running pictures on a very frequent basis πŸ˜„ (this goes for other pictures too). However, I realized yesterday is there a benefit in doing so since the Micro.blog app uploads photos to HTML? I use Gluon too but I think you have to click the inline part to make it be markdown. I guess I am just wondering if it actually gets me anything to do so or if it is a little overkill anyways. If I use Markdown, which I actually don’t mind doing for text purposes but then just use HTML for the actual inserting of photos does it make a difference or will it make it harder if that day ever comes that I just export everything to have offline to view as some things will be in Markdown and other things in HTML?

This is probably more on my mind right now as I have been a little all over the place in Notes apps over the past year, as I just noticed my Craft.doc subscription went though for another 12 months before I got a chance to canceled it. πŸ˜– I am still using Obsidian, which I am typing this in right now because it feels right and I can access it across devices with a simple click of a button it gets published to Micro.blog thanks to the Micro.Publish extension created by @Otaviocc. With that said I am really only using Obsidian for my work notes so a great example is once I publish this I will delete it from Obsidian otherwise it gets messy when searching for things while working. This is where it would be great to have two Obsidian vaults open at once but that is a grip for another time.

So for anyone that has any thoughts or opinions I am open to hearing if there is a benefit or not or if it is just personal preference.

This is being written and published at 34,0112 ft exactly. Thanks Delta free high speed internet!