This started out long ago from a post I saw from Sven Dahlstrand (@sod) where he had posted or replied to a post that he created a JSON feed that included at the bottom of each post where you could reply in This was a great news for me as I got to the point where I like to catch up every now and then on what is going on in my Timeline of but with out some sort of sync I wanted everything to just live in my RSS reader of choice. However, I was quickly sad that my current RSS process / application (FreshRSS) did not support JSON feeds.

So I turned to searching various rabbit holes on the internet until I found what I was looking for where you could hardcode a JSON feed into a PHP script (note you have to have this running on your own server) and then it would give me back a RSS feed. This was a great start and I appreciate all the help I found from the Dave Jones and his jsonfeed2rss.php script. However, it was missing the crucial part I now wanted thanks to Sven where I could actually click on some sort of link and get back to the post where I could leave a reply.

So I went to hacking together from what I could figure out how to get an JSON feed from to somehow give me a link to where I could get back and leave a reply if I wanted. I was able to figure it out and have been running that v1.0 since back in March 2023. The only downside was that I was hardcoding my username in the script so I couldn’t really share anything out at that point. Also, I found out the discovery feed was a JSON feed too but I couldn’t quite figure out how to get that to work either.

So I finally took the time to get the Discovery Feed to work not only the main one but also the emoji specific searches. However, I was still kind of stuck at using multiple copies of the script as I was still hard coding it. Easy enough solution, more digging and figuring out how to easily hack* together a passthrough so if anyone wanted to use it they could by just including the old get at the end of a link.

The only catch is you have to have the PHP script on a web server somewhere. If you are interested or find yourself in need of a JSON to RSS script links to both version are below. Also, the list to find available RSS and JSON feeds is included as well.

Versions of my Hacked together json2rss Script

** Support

05/24/2024 Update: I am going to write a little bit more on this topic I think as rereading it again as I just hit publish I think I could expand more but I wanted to keep this article intact. Since my phone issue (self inflicted last week) I have started really doubling down on only using the RSS side to consume and post to More on that in another week.